Standart Police Protection Level

Although there are specific standards for protective uniforms for the police, there are some differences in the types of body armor for police officers in each state, similar to different laws in the legal system of each state.

Types of body armor for police officers divided according to their functional purpose:

Even with the fact that a certain number of police officers prefer models with external pockets, due to considerations of ensuring public psychological peace and order, a significant number of directorates and permitting agencies have adopted rules for wearing protection under outerwear.

However, despite the recommendations and requirements of the competent authorities, their main goal is to ensure the maximum safety of the police staff. For the duration of principal operational tasks, the restrictions on the appearance of the uniforms are relaxed or eliminated.

There are lightweight models of body armor which combine properly with ordinary clothing. This protection option is especially suitable for undercover agents, as well as detectives and operational investigators.

Even though this case seems to be formal, but it ought to consider more attentively. There are many problems in providing activities of military support for police stations. That is not entirely noticeable at first glance.

The first difficulty lies in the constantly limited budgets of the police departments. When accepting materials that are provided by the military, it is used as an unspoken rule for police officers to “use it or lose it.” Therefore, it is inappropriate to miss the opportunity to get another unit of military equipment on the balance sheet of the police department.

Such a seemingly successful replenishment of the police station’s arsenal sometimes plays a cruel joke. The equipment needs regular service, which is quite costly for the budget department. Another significant point is that the military machine that stands on the street of the city may make people uneasy and cause the growth of the psychological imbalance of citizens.

Moreover, police officers are at maximum risk in the face of tough resistance from criminals, and technology is too crude a tool for influencing them.

Everyday raids

In their day-to-day work of law enforcement, officers usually use a NIJ Level II vest. It is comfortable, not heavy, allowing you to wear it freely all day long.

In terms of durability, this protection is constructed to withstand all but the largest gun calibers. Considering that 9mm weapons are used in 90% of crimes, this protection will be more than enough to prevent this. If the offender resists with a rifle, the officer will try to delay the start of the firefight until reinforcements arrive.

This type of protection ensures the reliability and safety of police officers in their daily operational work.

Undercover Work

Secret missions, consisting of observing a group of people in crowded places, ensuring security at mass events, etc., have recently been very relevant. Getting lost among the crowd monitoring suspects in development is a delicate job.

For such missions, using models of body armor hidden under outerwear is ideal. This combination perfectly protects the police agent even from random, stray bullets.

Rapid reaction

When a distress signal arrives, the Rapid Response Team is always aware of the increased level of danger. For such situations, each police officer was instructed on the high likelihood of a firefight. For such missions, police officers prefer the camouflage of outer body armor instead of internal models of the vests.

Currently, the mentioned models of external body armor are a hybrid with a heavy plate, in the center of which there is a vest made of soft armor of NIJ Level III. This level of protection means preventing life-threatening injuries or injuries that lead to disability.

An additional advantage of these models is the ability to accommodate additional tools such as warning lights, various ammunition, and even first aid kits. It does not quite correspond to the quality of special forces operations; these installations are quite formidable for law enforcement agencies.

Anticipation of Armed Aggression

Depending on the current situation, most police task forces usually prefer not to come into direct contact with the suspect whenever possible. When using alternative means of tools, it is much easier to make the enemy surrender. Flare grenades, tear gas – much more effective than aiming the barrel in the forehead.

In cases where there is a confrontation, the likelihood of firearms in conflict is high, so police officers must wear both external body armor and a protective helmet.

Criminals, when armed, often act out of the ordinary in stressful situations. With a high probability, a peak of psychological tension occurs when they start shooting randomly. Wounded Animal Syndrome is a common occurrence that police units have to deal with, and all PD teams receive special training to deal effectively with it.

SWAT work

Specific weapons and tactics go beyond the skill of conventional law enforcement. These skills and tools allow the arrest of resisting criminals very similar to a real fight. As a rule, several armed criminals always participate in the confrontation, there is no accurate information about the terrain, and the probability of mortgage bombs is high.

Therefore, SWAT members must wear body armor, a helmet, and an auxiliary armored shield. In addition, they use robotic reconnaissance devices.

Political position

Some political organizations gain their rating by promoting issues and require the complete elimination of the police system in the state. But undoubtedly, as long as we are in modern society, the safety of people is the highest priority for the government.

And you have to pay for safety in order not to endanger your health. Modern society is developing faster and faster, and crimes are becoming more sophisticated. The perpetrators are often former law enforcement officers.

If our defenders are protected, our security will be more reliable. People should be interested in this, as well as the administrative authorities.

The most likely thing that can prevent the malicious acts of a bandit or terrorist is a good police officer. Thank God they are in the majority throughout the United States.

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